Dennis reports that he finds studiodw studio 3 work one of the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of his services as a musician. He takes pride in being able to add heart and soul to a track even when sight-reading. He also enjoys understanding a bandleader’s or producer’s needs and then fulfilling them on the spot…

He says “you have to stay relaxed and be receptive to new ideas and new approaches while being time-conscious as well. Studios are expensive and time is money. But I find this kind of high-pressure situation exhilarating. I thoroughly enjoy both sight-reading as well as having to come up with on-the-spot ideas based on client feedback or sheer inspiration.”

In his 11 years as a pro studio musician he has done jazz, country, hip-hop, heavy metal, folk, etc. He’s played acoustic 6-string, 12-string, electrics of all kinds, classical guitars, and 4- and 5-string basses. He can play with a pick, fingerstyle, slide guitar, etc. and he’s equally comfortable with lots of effects or none at all.

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dennis in studio 2016

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