Studio Work

Dennis in recording studio 2016
Dennis recording midi parts using midi guitar in pro studio
Dennis recording pro tracks for client in studio

Dennis reports that he finds studio work one of the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of his services as a musician. He takes pride in being able to add heart and soul to a track even when sight-reading. He also enjoys understanding a bandleader’s or producer’s needs and then fulfilling them on the spot…

He says “you have to stay relaxed and be receptive to new ideas and new approaches while being time-conscious as well. Studios are expensive and time is money. But I find this kind of high-pressure situation exhilarating. I thoroughly enjoy both sight-reading as well as having to come up with on-the-spot ideas based on client feedback or sheer inspiration.”

In his 20 years as a pro studio musician he has done jazz, country, hip-hop, heavy metal, folk, etc. He’s played acoustic 6-string, 12-string, electrics of all kinds, classical guitars, and 4- and 5-string basses. He can play with a pick, fingerstyle, slide guitar, etc. and he’s equally comfortable with lots of effects or none at all.

Currently Dennis is using Presonus Studio One as his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and has programs that can generate parts on instruments that he doesn’t play (drums, keyboard, etc.) in thousands of styles to choose from.

He is also equally comfortable with recording audio as well as midi, as he frequently uses his GR-55 guitar midi controller/ synthesizer to compose his own arrangements.

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Dennis in recording studio with acoustic guitar

Audio Samples

Siren’s Song

Dennis wrote this song for a client and recorded all guitar & midi string parts at a local studio.

Crazy Life

Dennis recorded all guitar & bass parts for this client from his home studio.

Dennis in recording studio

To Let You Go

Dennis wrote this song and recorded all guitars, bass, and melodica parts for the client at a local studio.

For Giving For Getting

Dennis recorded the lead guitar track at his home studio for this client.


Dennis recorded the whole band remotely on a Tascam DP-24. He overdubbed the guitar parts & also sang backup vocals. Then he imported the tracks to Studio One for mixing & mastering.

Guitar Solos

If you want to hear Dennis playing nothing but improvised solos on rock / r&b and other types of musical settings, go to the rock guitar solos page.

Dennis Winge in recording studio

Every Single Way

Dennis wrote this song to a client’s lyrics for a father-daughter dance at her wedding.  He then programmed the keyboard and drums parts, recorded acoustic guitar, bass, and voice as well as mixed & mastered the song.

Coconuts for Christmas

Dennis recorded all guitar & bass parts for this client from his home studio.


Dennis recorded the guitar parts and midi strings for this client at a local studio.

review for Dennis Winge from Tom Waltz mastering

What Love’s About

Dennis wrote this song for a client and recorded all the guitar parts at a local studio.

One More Time

Dennis wrote this song for a client and recorded all the guitar parts at a local studio.

Testimonial from long-time client:

Dennis Winge and I have worked on several projects over the last ten years, and I highly recommend him as someone who is both a talented musician, arranger, and generous musical partner. Dennis arranged and played on some of my best work. I’m not a great singer so Dennis helped me work out some of my melodies and was able to transcribe and play instrumental guide tracks to facilitate my vocals or teach the songs to more talented singers. Dennis is a great engineer with a 24 track [home] studio. Always patient and professional, he is a joy to work with.” – Bruce Barrett