Have Lyrics But No Song?

  • Are you looking to give the gift of a song to a loved one for a special occasion?

  • Do you have lyrics that you have an artistic vision for?

  • It’s easy, fun, and it’ll give you something to be proud of for the rest of your life!

Update to the video above

We now have a full home-recording set-up using Studio One.  Here are some recent samples of co-writing, recording and producing songs for clients who only had lyrics initially.

This is an EP from the original rock band Solid.  We recorded the band remotely using a portable digital studio and then mixed & mastered on computer.  The client said:

“I hired Dennis to transcribe my songs so that any musician can read them, and he did so quickly and accurately.  Then we rehearsed some of my new material, and I was very impressed with how he took a set of lyrics and a short melody and ran with it.  Within a short time, we had an almost completely finished song.  He is very creative, yet organized; disciplined but not overly serious.  He also knew when to back off when it felt right to move on.  It was a very productive session and I look forward to many more of them.  I am glad I found Dennis Winge!”

This is a song for a father / daughter dance with lyrics written by the proud dad.  We did all the writing, recording, mixing, and mastering at our home studio.  The dad wrote:

“Thank you very much for writing the melody to my words and for the fantastic recording. It captures the love I have for [my daughter]. What seemed like a dream became real because of you. My daughter and I will dance to my song at her wedding.”

How It Works

My name is Dennis and I am a pro musician with decades of experience. I have never been much of a lyricist but I can put music to people’s lyrics no problem.

Here’s how it works:

You send me your lyrics and a YouTube link or an mp3 of a reference of a song you might like your song to be in the style of.  I simply listen to the style of the reference song and create a whole new song in that or a similar style.

Then I send you back an mp3 of me singing the song (unusually accompanied on acoustic or electric guitar) with your lyrics.  It’s that simple!

Of course a little bit of back and forth might be required for tweakingDennis in studio recording custom song the melody/chords/ song structure, but generally it is a pretty easy process.

And the best part is: YOU KEEP ALL THE RIGHTS to the melody and chords I come up with. You own the song, and are responsible for copyrighting it if you choose to do so.

Rates are only $100 per song with minor tweaks/ edits by you. If the edits/changes become extensive, we will negotiate an appropriate additional fee, but that is rare.

Some clients also add any of the following:

  • simple chord chart – $10 [For returning clients: please note that I no longer offer complete lead sheet with chords, melody, and lyrics]
  • multi-track demo (recorded at my home studio with virtual drums and sometimes keyboards, with live bass, guitars, and voice by me – $50 per hour, usually only takes 2 or 3 hours
  • pro quality, radio-ready mastered studio track – we use a local studio at $60/hour, plus musician fees, can take 3 to 5 hours

Be sure to watch the video and read the testimonials as well.


Here is what my clients are saying:

“Dennis is wonderful to work with. His creative melodies and singing, perfectly match the mood being conveyed by my lyrics. Moreover, he takes collaboration seriously, offering his own ideas, but listening seriously to mine.” – Joseph McHugh

“After a lengthy search for someone to put music to my words, Dennis has exceeded my expectations! He created exactly the feeling I wanted to experience and kept the authenticity of my words!!! Super grateful!” – Dina Sprenger

“I’ve worked with Dennis on two songs and they both came out spectacular. Dennis has a ear for music and always delivers And gives you what you want! I cannot wait to work with him on the next project.” – Nathan BensonDennis in recording studio

“I found Dennis when I had feeling that I might found something while searching the web, and this is just one of those moments in life that you had a wonderful surprise when you almost wanted to give up. I do not know why I trusted him in the first place but I am so glad I did. I love the song which he puts his energy and thoughts and love in it, he made me feel I want to write more songs.” – Lucia

“Dennis Winge and I have worked on several projects over the last ten years, and I highly recommend him as someone who is both a talented musician, arranger, and generous musical partner. Dennis arranged and played on some of my best work, which can be heard at thewholenote.net I’m not a great singer so Dennis helped me work out some of my melodies and was able to transcribe and play instrumental guide tracks to facilitate my vocals or teach the songs to more talented singers. Always patient and professional, he is a joy to work with. If you want to hear more about Dennis, or our most recent collaborations you can contact me at bruce.thewholenote@gmail.com. And I almost forgot, Dennis is a great engineer with a 24 track studio.” – Bruce Barrett

“I can’t thank you enough for putting music to my lyrics… You did an amazing job expressing the feeling and emotion behind my song your prices are a fraction of what others charge. The music is real and non-synthetic. I wasn’t expecting much for such an affordable price but I was pleasantly surprised with the end results. I will definitely be creating more songs with you in the future. Your music and singing made me smile. Thanks again for a job very well done!” – Debbie

“Dennis was a total pleasure to work with. He helped me put some lyrics I wrote to music. He is very professional.  He understood what I was trying to do and offered suggestions to help make the songs better. We went through a few changes and the finished product is even better than I’d hoped for. Thank you Dennis!” – Pam LaPier

“Working with Dennis Winge is a delight. He seems to have the uncanny knack of coming up with a melody that matches lyrics perfectly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dennis’s services.” – Robin Grimmond

Dennis in recording studio with acoustic guitar“A while back, I was at Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale concert and they got talking about how great it was to have each other to turn to for help finishing songs. Yeah, I thought. . . But what about us mortals? Since then, I’ve reached out to a number of folks online. Dennis Winge is right at the top of my (very) short list of professional collaborators. He is open to creative ideas, composes with sensitivity, and is a truly talented player. When “our” first song got to the end, I didn’t want it to end. It sounded great — and it felt great. If you’re looking for help setting your lyrics, look here.” – Owen Burgess

“I have worked with Dennis on several projects. The results have exceeded my expectations. The creativity he possesses blends perfectly with the meaning and message of my words. I recommend Dennis without reservation. He is a rare talent /gem.” – Paul Reidy

“Dennis is like an inspired musical ferryman. His wide open heart and deeply felt musical ability carry the session every time. Without his help, I never would have been able to flesh out these melodies I had in my head to the full-scale CD that came out so great.” — Eileen O’Hare

“I’m extremely pleased with the way my song came out. I was actually surprised that Dennis Winge was able to take my lyrics and create a song that matched my vision for how I wanted it to sound. In all my years of working with collaborators, no one has been able to come up with anything, Mr. Winge has been the only musician to put music to my lyrics. I highly recommend Dennis Winge if you write lyrics and are looking for someone to make them into an actual song. He totally gets 5 out of 5 stars from me! A big thank you to Mr. Winge, he has made my dream a reality for what I wanted my song to be.” — Lisa Cavaliere

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