Jazzing Up a Cornell Fraternity Party for the Third Year Straight

The holiday season has a certain magic in the air, and when you combine it with the timeless charm of jazz music, something truly special happens. For the third consecutive year, I had the absolute pleasure of performing at a Cornell University fraternity party, and I must say, it was an unforgettable night filled with swinging tunes, holiday cheer, and a fantastic crowd.

Here is a short video of our performance at the party.

Returning to an event for the third year in a row is a testament to the great vibes, warm welcomes, and overall fantastic atmosphere that this Cornell fraternity brings to their holiday parties. It’s become a tradition I look forward to every year.

One of the joys of playing for this fraternity is the eclectic mix of music we get to perform. The night was a melodic journey through jazz standards, holiday favorites, and classic tunes that everyone loves.

Jazz has a way of getting people in the groove, and that’s exactly what we did. With the saxophone and bass in tow, we dove headfirst into some classic jazz standards that had the dance floor swinging. There’s something about the smooth, sultry notes of the sax that create an ambiance of sophistication and fun simultaneously.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to embrace the holiday spirit than with some festive tunes? We brought out the sax and bass to deliver holiday classics that had everyone singing along. Whether it was “Jingle Bells,” “Frosty the Snowman,” or “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” the fraternity was filled with the joyful sounds of the season.

As the night continued, we played a request for Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” which was a crowd-pleaser that brought a touch of nostalgia and romance to the party.

As the night drew to a close, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for being part of such a fantastic event for the third year in a row. The combination of great music, an enthusiastic crowd, and the holiday spirit made it a night to remember.

Playing for the Cornell fraternity has become a cherished tradition, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. The power of music to bring people together, create memories, and spread joy is truly remarkable.

A special thank you to the Cornell fraternity for having us once again. Your energy, appreciation for music, and warm hospitality make this annual gig something I always look forward to.  Until next year, keep the jazz alive and the holiday spirit shining bright!

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