For Music Geeks Only – Educational Package

“For Music Geeks Only” is a fun, mind-expanding exploration of 82 vignettes of musical modes.

The ‘album’ is Dennis Winge’s performance of each mode

The Educational Package, which includes the Album, consists of backing tracks, explanatory documents, ear training audio for all types of musicians of any instrument who are looking to bring new fresh creativity to their harmonic and melodic vocabulary.

For only $48, you get the full Educational Package, which includes:

  • The “For Music Geeks Only” album featuring Dennis Winge’s performance of 82 modal vignettes, including liner notes
  • 5-minute backing tracks for each mode (in mp3 format)
  • 1-minute audio loops of the backing tracks of each mode (in wav format for looper pedals)
  • ear training audio of each mode (in mp3 format)
  • pdfs of each mode in standard notation, guitar tablature, and the spatial relationships of every interval in each mode, plus the time signatures used
  • support by email if you have any questions about the modes
  • participation in the “For Music Geeks Only” Facebook group where you can share your performances and ask questions pertaining to the modes

IMPORTANT NOTE: This download is over 1.6 gigabytes. If your download is smaller, then please retry downloading.