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Salsa Ithacana: Celebrating Latin Rhythms at Upcoming Shows!

I am thrilled to announce two upcoming performances in the Finger Lakes NY region for Salsa Ithacana, where we will bring our unique blend of vibrant salsa, Latin Jazz, Latin Rock and Afro-Cuban music to an eager audience. As the premier live salsa band based in Ithaca, we are committed to delivering unforgettable musical experiences that resonate deeply with the spirit of Latin America and the local culture of our vibrant community.

Cinco De Mayo at Prison City Brewing

  • Date and Time: May 5th, from 3 to 6 PM
  • Location: Prison City Brewing, 251 North St, Auburn, NY
  • Performance Setup: Our ensemble will include a quartet featuring:
    • Dennis Winge on guitar
    • Harry Aceto on bass
    • Adolfo Castillo on congas
    • Michael Wellen on timbales

Kick off your Cinco De Mayo celebrations with us at Prison City Brewing! This event promises an afternoon filled with the lively rhythms of salsa music, paired perfectly with expertly crafted local brews. Our quartet will set the stage for a festive and vibrant atmosphere, making it the perfect setting to celebrate this special day. Enjoy the pulsating beats of traditional salsa tunes such as “Mambo Inn” and “Oye Como Va,” guaranteed to get everyone on their feet and dancing.  The Facebook page for the event is here.

Evening of Latin Jazz at Garrett’s Brewing

  • Date and Time: May 10th, from 6 to 8 PM
  • Location: Garrett’s Brewing, 1 W Main St, Trumansburg, NY
  • Performance Setup: An intimate trio setup with:
    • Dennis Winge on guitar
    • Harry Aceto on bass
    •  Stuart Krassnoff on percussion

Continue the festivities with us at Garrett’s Brewing where we will dial down to a trio for aSalsa Ithacana band onstage more intimate musical setting. This evening will showcase the smoother side of our repertoire, featuring a blend of Latin jazz and bolero. The nuanced performances by our band members will highlight the intricate harmonies and sophisticated rhythms of Latin-infused jazz, offering soothing songs like “Black Magic Woman” and “Europa,” providing a contrast to the high energy of our Cinco De Mayo celebration.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss These Shows

Salsa Ithacana isn’t just about music; we create immersive experiences that blend musical performance with cultural celebration. Each event is tailored to fit the venue and audience, ensuring a perfect harmony of ambiance and sound. Whether you are a seasoned salsa aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, our performances are designed to provide enjoyment and engagement for all attendees. Our diverse repertoire spans the heart-thumping beats of mambo and cha-cha to the smooth grooves of bolero and Latin jazz.

Our band is celebrated for its flexibility in performance size and style, capable of adjusting from intimate trio settings to full-scale six-piece ensembles. This adaptability allows us to deliver the perfect musical experience for any event, catering to both high-energy dances and more laid-back gatherings.

Booking Your Experience with Salsa Ithacana

Interested in experiencing Salsa Ithacana live? We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our music, view our upcoming performances, and book us for your next event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, festival, or private party, Salsa Ithacana is ready to enhance your occasion with the authentic sounds of Latin America.  Here is an excerpt of “Come Candela” at our last rehearsal.

people dancing and enjoying music of Salsa IthacanaOur band is also fully equipped for outdoor events, featuring battery-powered equipment that allows us to perform anywhere—no power outlet necessary. This makes us the perfect choice for outdoor weddings, festivals, and any event under the sun or stars.

Join us at Prison City Brewing and Garrett’s Brewing this May to immerse yourself in the rhythms of Salsa Ithacana and discover why we are the heart of salsa music in the Finger Lakes region. Don’t miss these opportunities to experience the vibrant and passionate music of Salsa Ithacana, guaranteed to make any event memorable.

If you are planning a wedding, private party, or corporate event and you want to explore your options for musicians to provide live music, book a free music consultation with me or simply write to me on the contact page.