wedding couple at Silo Retreat

Reimagining Traditions: The Transformation of The Silo Restaurant into The Silo Retreat

The transformation of the former Silo Restaurant into The Silo Retreat in Greene, NY, is a testament to the vision of John and Judy Hinman.  I met them while playing live music at the Wedding Expo 2024 in Norwich, NY. The couple’s dedication to creating a serene haven that marries the essence of the site’s storied past with modern comforts is evident in their meticulous renovation plans. Purchased in June 2023, this endeavor aims not only to offer a tranquil escape nestled within 89 acres of picturesque land but also to serve as a vibrant community hub capable of hosting memorable events.

Nestled only six miles from where Judy Hinman grew up, the property’s transformation is deeply personal. Efforts have been made to revitalize the space with first-class amenities, including revamping the old garage into a high-end Airbnb complete with beautifully appointed bedrooms and bathrooms. The retreat is set to offer three guest rooms within the remodeled carriage house, alongside a communal kitchen, living room, and game room, with the vision extending to the addition of cabins and a large party tent for events.

The Hinmans have scheduled two weddings so far, emphasizing the site’s potential as a premier event venue. Their goal for the year includes completing one of the two planned cabins, with aspirations for a third, alongside constructing a 40′ x 80′ pavilion with a hard roof to accommodate wedding ceremonies and other gatherings, with a maximum capacity of 200 guests. This approach retains the intimate charm of the original property while introducing facilities that cater to contemporary needs.

Silo Retreat Event Center

In homage to the site’s legacy, the Hinmans have preserved as much of the original structures and memorabilia as possible, including a plaque of photos from the Silo Restaurant and refurbished dishes and silverware. This thoughtful preservation ensures that the spirit of the site continues to resonate with both locals and visitors alike.

The Silo Retreat’s commitment to retaining the “Silo” part of the name signals a continuity and respect for the property’s history, transforming nearly 100 acres into a blend of walking trails and relaxation spots. The ultimate aim is not just to renovate buildings but to foster a space where new memories can be forged, reminiscent of the myriad of life events once celebrated at the Silo Restaurant.

With the main house able to sleep 8 to 12 guests and each cabin accommodating up to 4, the completion of the third cabin will increase the retreat’s overnight capacity to 24. This ambitious project by the Hinmans showcases a future where history and modernity coalesce, offering guests a unique blend of relaxation, community engagement, and the scenic beauty of Greene, NY. The Silo Retreat stands as a beacon of rejuvenation, promising a tranquil yet engaging escape for all who visit.  Contact them the Silo Retreat facebook page.

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