My Tour Through Upstate New York’s Wedding Expos

This past season has been an exhilarating whirlwind of melody, laughter, and love as I embarked on a musical tour through some of Upstate New York’s most anticipated wedding expos. From the intimate settings of Norwich and Trumansburg to the bustling halls of Syracuse and Oneonta, each expo offered a unique backdrop for unforgettable performances, connecting with couples, and sharing in the joy of wedding planning.

The Upstate Wedding Expo, Norwich

March brought the magic of the Upstate Wedding Expo in Norwich, where the rustic charm met the elegance of matrimonial celebrations. Amidst the planning frenzy, my guitar and voice found a cozy nook, serenading attendees with country classics and heartfelt melodies, including a heartfelt rendition of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, captured here. The warmth and enthusiasm of the couples and vendors made this event a heartwarmingThe Way Band Trio at wedding reception experience.

Sweet Bough Collective Wedding Expo

Just a week later, the enchanting New Park in Trumansburg played host to the Sweet Bough Collective Wedding Expo. Nestled in nature, this expo was the perfect setting for acoustic vibes and personal connections. My performance aimed to blend seamlessly with the tranquil surroundings, providing a soundtrack that echoed the couples’ dreams and aspirations.   Here is an excerpt of my performing “Better Together” by Jack Johnson at that event.

The Syracuse Wedding Expo

January set the tone for the year with the Syracuse Wedding Expo, a grand affair that showcased the vibrant wedding scene of the region. My performance of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, viewable here, resonated with the hopes and joys of soon-to-be-wed couples, offering a glimpse into the musical journey that could accompany their big day.

The Oneonta Wedding Expo at Foothills

February’s chill was no match for the warmth inside the Foothills for the Oneonta Wedding Expo. As couples wandered through aisles of inspiration, my rendition of “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas, which you can watch here, brought smiles and an irresistible urge to dance. The vibe was electric, with each note played contributing to an atmosphere ofguitar wedding ceremony anticipation and celebration.

A Raffle, Requests, and Revelations

Throughout each expo, I had the joy of meeting countless couples and other vendors, taking requests that challenged and expanded my repertoire, and even raffling off a custom-made song. The winner, recently picked, is in for a treat—a melody that captures their story and love. This interactive element of my performances not only brings me closer to my audience but also reinforces my belief in the power of personalization in music.

Reflections on a Musical Odyssey

Attending and performing at these four wedding expos was not just an opportunity to showcase my music but a chance to immerse myself in the tapestry of love stories that span the Finger Lakes region. Each song request, each shared moment of laughter or tearful joy, deepened my connection to the essence of what I do: enhancing events with live guitar and voice, bringing a relaxing yet energetic atmosphere to every occasion.

guitarist playing bossa nova weddingAs I look back on this incredible journey, I’m reminded of why I love performing at weddings and events. It’s about more than just the music; it’s about creating moments that resonate, that linger in the hearts and memories of all who attend. And as I move forward, I carry with me the melodies of the past and the anticipation of all the songs yet to be sung, all the stories yet to be told.

This season of wedding expos has been a beautiful reminder of the power of music to connect, celebrate, and cherish the love that binds us all. I’m grateful for every note played, every song shared, and every couple and vendor I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Here’s to many more melodies and memories in the seasons to come.

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