What are the Odds?

new double-album by

Dennis Winge Trio

plus special guests

Details About the Album


We are pleased to announce the release of Dennis Winge’s new album “One Small Step” which features no less than 18 original compositions recorded live in the studio with bassist August Bish and drummer Kevin Cheli, plus two special guests.

Back Story

Dennis Winge is a professional guitarist who lives in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. “What Are the Odds?” is Winge’s 6th instrumental album, the others being “One Small Step,” “Fly on the Wall,” “Just the One of Us,” “Come Out and Play” and “May Your Holidays Be Filled with Love.” Winge also has 4 albums of sacred chanting under his spiritual name Damodar Das (www.DamodarDas.com).


“What are the Odds?” is a diverse assortment of adventurous yet accessible compositions by Dennis Winge whose inspirations are mostly rhythmic, and some of them are in odd time signatures such as 13/8 [Snowfall Romance, Third Teen], 15/16 [Window Shopping], and 11/4 [She is Free].


Dennis Winge – guitars, compositions
August Bish – electric and upright bass
Kevin Cheli – drums and cymbals
Rob Weinberger – saxophone & Irish flute on disc 1 tracks 2, 9; disc 2 tracks 3, 9
Michele Gordon – flute on disc 1 tracks 4, 7; disc 2 tracks 5, 9


Recorded live at Electric Wilburland Studios in Newfield, NY on Oct 1 – 3, 2020
Mixed and mastered by Will Russell at above studio, October 2021.
Produced by Dennis Winge.
Cover artwork by Chris Chichester.

Audio Sample of Entire Album

(18 tunes at 20 seconds per tune = 6 minutes)


Review of “What Are The Odds?”

by Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

Guitarist Dennis Winge has certainly had a wide-ranging career. Currently he leads a jazz ensemble, a rock cover group, a blues band, an electric chant group, a Steely Dan cover band, and a duo with flute, in addition to playing unaccompanied solos. His recent double-CD, his sixth instrumental set as a leader, is filled with creative jazz and displays his versatility along with plenty of surprises yet has a strong unity.

What Are The Odds consists of 18 of the guitarist’s originals. Winge and his trio with bassist August Bish and drummer Kevin Cheli is joined by Rob Weinberger (doubling on alto-sax and Irish flute) and flutist Michele Gordon for four numbers apiece including one (“Up Every 24 Blues”) that includes both of the guests. Immediately apparent when listening to this enjoyable set is that Winge has an original sound on his guitar, there is a lot of variety, and the musicians are quite skilled at playing in unusual time signatures; Bish and Cheli sound effortless and inspired during both their attentive accompaniment and concise solos. The trio is quite tight with consistently close interplay between the musicians even when they essay tricky rhythmic pieces.

The set begins with the happily funky “Move Over” which is in 7/4 time. “Ses Vier” sounds like it is Eastern European in its melody and rhythms while “Lid Flipping” is high-quality fusion with Winge utilizing a rockish sound. “Khanda Blues,” which has fine flute playing from Michele Gordon, is a blues but the eccentric rhythmic accents keep it from ever being predictable. “She Is Free” is a particularly strong and moving ballad with lyrical guitar and bowed bass while “5 & 9 Go To 4’s House” has a title that refers to the time signatures which shift regularly throughout the piece. “Mambo Delicoso” sounds like classic Brazilian jazz and the relatively relaxed “Window Shopping” (in 15/16 time) takes listeners on a leisurely journey before the boppish “Let’s Fly” closes the first half with an uptempo romp that includes Weinberger on alto.

The quality, variety and momentum do not slow down during the second half of What Are The Odds. “Monkey Cage” is danceable to those who can do a foxtrot in 9/8 time. The group sounds particularly tight during the fusionish “Third Teen.” “Celtic Reverie” could easily pass for song from Ireland with its melody and flute; Winge contributes a bluesy solo. “Duelism” displays plenty of energy and agility while “Middle Earth’s Cry” has a lengthy and atmospheric theme that could be used for meditation before the improvising becomes explorative. “Snowfall Romance” has particularly fluent jazz guitar playing with the trio. “The Nardisian” has a fiery Spanish groove that is a little reminiscent of Chick Corea’s “Spain” but develops its own themes along the way. The program concludes with the quirky but catchy “Maravillosa” and “Up Every 24 Blues” which features the full quintet.

What Are The Odds displays some of the many musical sides of Dennis Winge, a talented guitarist-composer who is well worth discovering.