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Celebrating the Release of “Digital Interfaith” – A Milestone in My Musical Journey

🎉 “Digital Interfaith” Now Live on Spotify, iTunes & Bandcamp! 🎶

As I sit down to write this, a mix of excitement and gratitude washes over me. Today marks a significant milestone in my journey as a musician – the release of my 10th album, “Digital Interfaith.” It’s not just another album; it’s a reflection of my evolution as an artist, my experiments with new sounds, and my endless passion for creating music that resonates with the soul.

🎵 The Making of “Digital Interfaith”

This album represents my first deep dive into the world of Midi guitar. The technical advancements since my early attempts 20 years ago have been astounding, allowing me to create something truly special. With 31 original tracks, most of which are succinct yet impactful, I’ve explored a plethora of musical landscapes. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I’ve been able to blend traditional guitar with digital elements, creating a tapestry of sounds that I hope will captivate you.

🕒 A Journey Through Time Signatures

One of the unique aspects of “Digital Interfaith” is the variety of time signatures. It’s not just about 4/4 rhythms; the album dances through 5/4, 7/4, and even ventures into the complex realms of 13/4 and 19/4. This variety adds an unpredictable and exciting element to the album, keeping it fresh and engaging from start to finish.

🌍 Diverse Influences and Styles

The album traverses multiple styles – from the rockish vibes of “Cascara Funk” and “20-20 Vision” to the bluesy tones of “Akwaaba” and the exotic Middle Eastern flavor of “Khush-Rank.” It’s a melting pot of my musical experiences, a journey through different genres, and a testament to the flexibility of the Midi guitar.

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🤩 Critical Acclaim and Personal Satisfaction

The reviews are in, and I’m humbled by the positive reception. Scott Yanow, Dick Metcalf, and George Harris have all praised the album’s creativity, diversity, and engaging nature. But beyond the critical acclaim, what excites me most is sharing this piece of my soul with you, the listeners.

🙏 A Heartfelt Thank You

As “Digital Interfaith” makes its way into the world on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp, I want to express my deepest gratitude. To my fellow musicians, the sound engineers, and especially you, the listeners, who have journeyed with me through my musical career – thank you.

🎧 Listen, Enjoy, and Share

I invite you to dive into “Digital Interfaith” and explore its varied landscapes. Whether you’re a fellow musician or a music lover, there’s something in this album for everyone. Enjoy these little “rug-rats” of mine, and let’s keep the music playing!

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Here’s to many more musical adventures,

Dennis 🎶

*P.S.: Remember, every play, share, and word of mouth helps independent artists like myself. So, if you enjoy the album, spread the word!*

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