A Transformative Journey: My Experience with EFT Tapping

Being a musician in today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of inner peace and balance is a precious gift. That’s where EFT Tapping comes in—a practice that has personally revolutionized my life.   I had heard about Tapping (or Meridian Tapping) from my wife and brother in law, but it wasn’t until a life coach had me do it in a session that experienced it’s power.  Since then, I’ve been reading on it and practicing it, to great effect.


The Healing Power of EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or Tapping, marries ancient Chinese acupressure with contemporary psychology. By tapping on specific energy points, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of EFT to release emotional and energetic blockages, offering relief from a wide range of emotional and physical challenges.


Nick Ortner’s “The Tapping Solution”

Nick Ortner’s book opened my eyes to the profound potential of EFT Tapping. Drawing on personal experiences and an abundance of case studies, Ortner provides a clear path to address fears, traumas, and emotional hurdles. Through practical exercises, “The Tapping Solution” serves as a compass towards a more balanced and harmonious life.


Pamela Bruner and Jack Canfield’s “Tapping Into Success”

Building on Ortner’s foundation, “Tapping Into Success” by Pamela Bruner and Jack Canfield explores the application of EFT Tapping in personal and professional growth. This transformative book reveals how Tapping dismantles limiting beliefs, clears mindset blocks, and paves the way for unprecedented success. Bruner and Canfield’s work has been a guiding light on my journey to transformative change.


Exploring EFT Tapping

As a musician practicing EFT Tapping, I’ve found that it helps me release emotional baggage, cultivate self-love, and unlock my full potential.  Without getting too personal here, it helps me remove self-doubt, performance anxiety, feelings of stress and overwhelm, etc.  Sometimes I don’t even notice a huge difference immediately after the tapping session, but later in the day when I’m confronted with a situation that might trigger a feeling that was previously uncomfortable, I find that I am much more even-keeled and sometimes even welcome the challenge!


EFT Tapping, as I’ve experienced it through the wisdom of Nick Ortner, Pamela Bruner, Jack Canfield, and in my practice with clients, is a powerful tool for breaking free from emotional constraints and stepping into our authentic selves. The journey begins with a single tap—embracing it leads to a life that unfolds in ways we never imagined possible.  If you are curious about it, you might look up Brad Yates’ channel on YouTube.

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