Balancing Act: Practicing Music Amidst Life’s Demands

Embarking on a musical journey that spans over four decades brings with it a unique set of challenges and pleasures. Among the myriad responsibilities of teaching, family, health, gigs, and online marketing for my bands, finding dedicated time for practice can be akin to a delicate balancing act. Yet, within these busy schedules, every moment of practice becomes a treasured joy.

Embarking on a Deeper Dive into Afro-Cuban Rhythms and Polyrhythms

In the midst of this whirlwind, I’m drawn to explore the intricate world of Afro-Cuban rhythms and polyrhythms. These captivating rhythms beckon me into a realm of complexity and depth, offering a rich tapestry of sounds waiting to be unraveled.

Technique: A Journey of Perpetual Refinement

The pursuit of musical technique is a lifelong endeavor. Between teaching sessions, family time, gigs, and marketing endeavors, finding time to delve into techniques like sweet picking, hybrid picking, economy picking, and directional picking becomes a cherished endeavor. It’s an evolution, a continual refinement of the art.

Sight Reading: A Language of its Own

I also strive to enhance my sight reading skills. It’s like learning a new language, a skill that opens doors to an extensive repertoire of music. Balancing this with my existing commitments is indeed a challenge, but it’s one that adds an exciting layer of versatility to my musical expression.

Chords, Theory, and Transposition: Harmonic Exploration

In the midst of teaching, family, health maintenance, gigs, and online marketing, I find pockets of time to delve into chord vocabulary, theory, and transposition. These endeavors breathe fresh life into my compositions and improvisations, allowing for a more nuanced musical narrative.

Maintaining Repertoire

I make it a point to maintain pieces from my repertoire, both original and covers.  If you don’t use them, you lose them.

Embracing the Joy of Practice

While finding time to practice amidst life’s demands may pose its challenges, each moment dedicated to practice can be a source of pure joy, and it can be hard work. It’s an opportunity to connect with the heart of music, to delve deeper into its nuances, and to let it resonate through every fiber of my being.

In this intricate dance between life’s responsibilities and the pursuit of musical excellence, I find a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s a testament to the enduring magic of music, a force that continues to shape and inspire my soul, even after four decades of unwavering dedication.

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