Sweet Bough Collective: Nurturing Unique Love Stories

Hey there, fellow seekers of all things lovely and unique,

Let’s dive into a world where love blooms like the sweetest apples in the Finger Lakes region. I’ve got an enchanting tale for you, one that revolves around apples, weddings, and a collective that’s redefining the way we celebrate love. Get ready to meet the Sweet Bough Collective, a hub of creativity, inclusivity, and heartfelt celebrations.


Imagine this: you slice open an apple, and instead of predictable seeds, you find a world ofsweet bough collective logo diversity and uniqueness. This is the very essence of apples—they don’t grow “true to type,” meaning each seed births its own distinct tree. Now, let’s bridge this concept to weddings. Sweet Bough Collective was born out of the idea that every wedding is as unique as those apple trees, growing into something beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Why apples, you ask? Well, the Finger Lakes region is no stranger to the bounty of apples, both wild and cultivated. It’s a fitting symbol for Sweet Bough Collective’s commitment to nurturing weddings that reflect couples’ individuality.  The Sweet Bough website says “And we loved the image of every single wedding growing into something different and unique, just like saplings that spring forth from the seeds of an apple.”

Sweet Bough Collective’s Mission

So, what’s the scoop on Sweet Bough Collective’s mission? It’s all about you! Whether your wedding is a dance with tradition or a journey into uncharted territory, the collective is here to guide and support you. Sweet Bough Collective’s journey started with Rachel Conroy and Allison Usavage, who set out to cultivate a wedding community that embraces diversity and joy. After years of shaping this remarkable collective, they entrusted Shawn Hull, the creative force behind Happiest Days Designs, who has a background in theater directing and art to continue their legacy.

Shawn’s passion for storytelling and design is a perfect fit for carrying on the Sweet Bough mission. I met her when I played at the Collective’s most recent meet-up which was in February at New Park Event Suites in Ithaca. I was lucky to have been stationed right next to her booth!

Sweet Bough Collective is a vibrant community of wedding professionals who share aguitarist near wedding couple during ceremony common goal: celebrating love in all its forms. From planners to photographers and beyond, these creative minds collaborate to make your dreams a reality. And guess what? They’re all listed on the collective’s community page, offering you a one-stop destination to find the perfect team for your wedding day.

Making Lasting Connections

The collective doesn’t just stop at online listings. They’re all about making connections happen in real life too. With regular meet-ups, workshops, and showcases, they’re creating a space where couples and vendors can connect, collaborate, and create magic together.  I am proud to be a member!

Here’s to celebrating love in all its forms, and to the collective that’s turning dreams into reality, one wedding at a time.

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