sax, guitar, and bass player at Timber Banks wedding

A Dreamy Wedding Cocktail Hour at Timber Banks

Hey there, music lovers! I’ve got a story to share that’s straight out of a dreamy wedding cocktail hour at Timber Banks, near Syracuse, NY. Last Friday, the stars aligned for a musical trio that turned a wedding event into an unforgettable journey through jazz, classic rock, and touching connections. Here is a video montage of the event.

A Melodic Blend of Jazz and Classic Rock

We played, as per the bride’s request, in a combo of myself on guitar and vocals, a soulful saxophonist, and a grooving bassist. They had requested that we blend jazz vibes with iconic classic rock hits from the 70s and 80s. This unique mix set the tone for an evening that seamlessly merged the elegance of jazz with the nostalgic charm of classic rock, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for the guests.

Unexpected Connections and Musical Moments

We started out playing a few jazz standards, setting a mellow and sophisticated ambiance. Then I began to sing. While playing “Tupelo Honey,” a gentleman approached us. My initial thought was that he might ask us to take the volume down or something, but instead, he looked at me and simply said, “I’m Irish.” He was simply digging the Van Morrison tune we were playing! This interaction was a reminder of the universal language of music that transcends cultures and generations, bringing people together in unexpected ways.

A Family of Musicians

The bride’s family is a family of musicians themselves, which added a layer of appreciation and understanding to the event. At the end of the night, the bride’s mother expressed their gratitude for our musicianship. It helped a lot that I had the head of the jazz department at Ithaca College on saxophone and one of Ithaca’s most ubiquitous bassists on the gig as well! Their expertise and passion for music were evident and significantly contributed to the success of the evening.

A Night of Song and Celebration

One of the highlights of the night was when I saw the bride singing along merrily to our rendition of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Her joy was infectious, and it was a beautiful sight to see her enjoying the moment so fully. Towards the end of the night, a family member requested the Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil.” We knew we had to oblige, and the music flowed effortlessly, filling the evening with a sense of camaraderie and shared musical memories.

Here is a video montage of the event, capturing some of the magical moments we experienced.

Reflecting on the Power of Music

Driving home, I couldn’t help but reflect on the power of music to create connections that are as beautiful as they are unexpected. This cocktail hour was a whirlwind of genres and emotions, and it leftDennis Winge at Timber Banks me with a sense of fulfillment that only music can provide. To be able to touch hearts, spark memories, and bring joy through our music is a gift that I hold dear. Each performance is an opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level, and this event was a perfect example of that magic.

Farewell Note

So, there you have it, my friends—a tale of a trio, a cocktail hour, and the magic that music weaves into our lives. Until next time, keep the music alive and the memories flowing. These experiences remind us why we love what we do and motivate us to continue creating beautiful musical moments.

If you want to explore your options for live music, book a free music consultation with me or write to me via the contact page.

If you want to explore your options for live music, book a free music consultation with me or write to me via the contact page.