Dennis singing into mic recording custom song

Creating Cherished Memories with a Custom Song for Your Event

I love getting asked to write a custom song for someone’s special day.  It is an honor and a privilege to be part of their event, even if I’m not there physically.  I love being able to capture their idea and translate it into a song that they’ll hopefully cherish for life.  I’ve written songs […]

Dennis playing in front of flowers

Exploring the Diverse Repertoire of Solo Instrumental Guitar

The sound of a solo instrumental guitar has the power to captivate audiences across genres and generations.  I love being able to seamlessly transition between classical compositions and contemporary favorites, showcasing the versatility of the solo guitar. In this blog post, we will delve into the some of the possibilities for solo guitar at your […]

turning stone jazz trio

Jazzing Up Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are essential opportunities for businesses to showcase their professionalism, network with clients and partners, and leave a lasting impression. However, organizing a memorable event that fosters engagement and meaningful networking can be challenging. The answer to taking your corporate event to the next level might be simpler than you think – a live […]

jamming with Cliff, a cajon player in SC

Using Phrygian Dominant for Middle Eastern jam

I was asked if I wanted to do a “Middle Eastern jam,” so I said “sure” and busted out the old Phrygian Dominant Scale…. The name of this blog is “Wingin’ It” which is obviously a play on my last name, but it’s also fitting that I love to improvise.  Sometimes the improvisation is actually […]

Dennis singing into microphone at private party

Playing Intimate Gatherings

When I play guitar and sing at private events, it can create a magical, intimate atmosphere that fosters joy and togetherness among the guests of the event.  Intimacy, aside from its other connotations, is the only word that accurately describes what makes it magical for me and for guests & host of the party. Private […]

saxophone player joins The Way Band at private party

South New Berlin Private Party

We recently had the pleasure of playing live music at a private party in South New Berlin with The Way Band.  It was the client’s request to include a saxophone.  Most of the time do smaller events and weddings as a trio that it had been a while to include a fourth member, and it […]

The Way Band jamming

Bath NY wedding

Last week, The Way Band trio played a wedding in Bath, NY.  We were told is that the groom liked Roy Orbinson, so we learned 2 of his most famous songs, and that’s all we knew.  It turns out the groom was sort of indifferent to the music (or so it seemed), but everyone else […]

The Way Band at Corning Country Club wedding

Why I Love Playing Weddings

A wedding is a couple’s event of a lifetime, one that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.  When a musician like me is hired to perform for such a magnanimous occasion, I feel it is an honor that the bride and groom trust me to deliver exactly what they want.  It […]

The Way Band at Barn Wedding

What to Look for in a Band for Your Wedding or Event

If you were to go a bar and hear a great band, that doesn’t necessarily mean that booking them for your wedding or event would be a great idea.  Of course, you should love the sound of the band you’re are considering booking.  You should love the sound of the lead singer’s voice, the repertoire […]